Our Team

The driving force behind our organisation are our founders Thomas M M Vetticad and Sunayana Vetticad. Between them, they have a combined work experience of more than 45 years at various levels in Indian industry.

Thomas M M Vetticad

(Founder & CEO)

Mr. Vetticad is a sales and marketing professional with a firm grounding in the IT sector. He has worked in large organizations at several locations across India and has been responsible for setting up area offices and regional headquarters from scratch for his employers on more than one occasion. As a result his domain knowledge has expanded from IT and marketing to facilities management gained through his industry experience. He is well aware of what goes into the running of a modern workplace and creating a work environment that fosters productivity.

Sunayana Vetticad


Ms. Vetticad has over two decades of experience in the service industry. She is a marketing professional having worked across various sectors including advertising, security services and facilities management. She has successfully handled projects in which facility management services and security have been key components. Her expertise extends to operations, HR and labour relations.


(General Manager Operations)

Mr. Bhan is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years experience in the services sector, primarily in the travel and hospitality industry. He brings with him a diverse blend of skills gained from his qualifications and experience in a variety of roles including operations management. At Solutions Unlimited he handles operations and compliance management.