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As a PROFESSIONAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES provider we at Solutions Unlimited constantly endeavour to provide our customers a plethora of services which relieves them of the time wasted in looking for vendors to undertake activities related to building maintenance and cleaning.

Services we provide include:

» Comprehensive housekeeping services

  •  Mechanized Floor scrubbing
  •  Mechanized carpet cleaning / shampooing
  •  Mechanized sofa and chair upholstery cleaning/ shampooing
  •  Mechanized polishing of floors, granite surfaces etc / crystallization of marble floors
  •  Window and glass pane cleaning in buildings which do not have their own trolleys / lifts

» Pest control services
» Landscaping, horticulture and garden maintenance
» Maintenance and operations of utilities (provision of electricians, dg set operators, plumbers, carpenters etc.)
» Painting of interiors
» Repair and maintenance of office furniture and refurbishment of upholstery
» Bill payment and miscellaneous services